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The Dutch are back in Town


De recente nieuwsbrief van Ducth Culture USA geeft een overzicht van Nederlandse kunstenaars en creatieve ondernemers in the USA. Opvallend item is een prachtig artikel The Dutch are Back in Town in de New York Times.

We citeren: “On Sept. 24, in an avant-garde condo tower that butts up against the High Line, an unusual gallery called Chamber will open in Chelsea. Like a 17th-century cabinet of curiosities, it will be filled with the eclectic treasures of intrepid explorers.

Chamber will sell objects like a wall lamp mounted with a pair of nerdy black spectacles and a sound-diffusing cabinet that looks like a chaotic pile of raw wood. (The piece has functional drawers, but how many and where they are takes some guessing.) There will even be a limited-edition perfume distilled exclusively for the gallery, its scent “based on the experience of a Louis Kahn structure.” (That’s the news release talking.)”

But Chamber is only one token of a new Dutch design invasion here. Three hundred and fifty years after the Dutch surrendered New Amsterdam to the British, several of their more creative descendants are reclaiming this turf.

Read on! The Dutch are Back in Town

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