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World Cities Culture Summit Amsterdam 2014


Major cities from around the world will head to Amsterdam later this year to participate in the third World Cities Culture Forum conference, with the aim of strengthening links and developing strategies to support and maximise the potential of culture at the heart of city life.

The Amsterdam World Cities Culture Summit will be held from 12 to 14 November 2014. City leaders, cultural experts and senior representatives from more than 25 cities around the world will collaborate on setting the global agenda around sustainable urban development through culture. It will include interactive sessions and working groups, with Amsterdam’s approach to cultural policy used as the starting point for discussion between partner cities about their own successes, the challenges they face and what they might learn from each other. The summit programme themes will include cultural education, cultural diversity, the creative industries, cultural heritage and city marketing.

New cities have been invited to join the Forum in 2014. The Amsterdam World Cities Culture Summit will also be an opportunity for existing members of the Forum to meet new member cities.

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