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European Creative Industries Alliance Conference


This conference will address a new policy agenda to maximise the innovative contributions of European creative industries to the wider economy. Creative industries represent highly innovative companies with the potential for strong economic impact and a foreseen growth potential as one of Europe’s most dynamic sectors.

This conference will be organized in cooperation with CLICKNL, the Dutch knowledge and innovation network of the Topsector Creative Industries.

About the European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA)
ECIA is one of the first concrete measures at European level promoting creative industries and their impact on the European economy. ECIA’s overall task is to advocate the role of the creative industries as a catalyst for innovation and structural change and to propose new policy instruments that will maximise the innovative contributions of the creative industries to the European economy. At the conference the results of the 3 year ECIA project will be presented and discussed.

Voor meer info het het programma: ECIA Platform

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